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Dieter’s originally from Vienna, Austria. He started playing music at age eleven, heard his first AC/DC record at twelve, dropped out of school at sixteen, and started working in a music store while playing drums in rock and metal bands. Life was grand.

At age nineteen he packed up and moved to Los Angeles-with little money and zero connections, in the hopes to get into a signed band, have girls throwing themselves at him, and make millions.


After fifteen years of rotating between house painting, touring, and recording with bands such as The Cadillac Tramps, Down by Law, Earshot, The Flying Tigers, Face To Face, Triggerpimp and 60 Cycle, he grew tired of not making ends meet, living out of a suitcase, and being covered in paint.


In 2002, after an unexpected run-in with a TV producer’s wife, who managed the music department for Original Productions, he got into scoring music-and loving it.


A year later he found himself working on five TV shows at the same time, and this sparked his interest in taking it up a notch and work on bigger projects.


He went to UCLA, studied composition, orchestration and other music-related subjects while scoring TV shows in his 100 sq. ft kitchen. He is also intimately familiar with synth programming and using interesting electronic elements in his projects.


In 2009 he began composing for major films, video games, TV shows, and also collaborating on projects with Lorne Balfe, Tyler Bates,  Junkie XL, and other Composers.


…….and he's still a Metalhead.

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